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What Is This Green Stuff On Your Siding?

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Having greenery around your home is an addition to your curb appeal. However, when it comes to the green stuff on your siding, it is more than an eyesore. Even though it is not uncommon to find homes with green stuff gathered, it is necessary to get rid of them on time.  Do you want to learn how you got it, the extent to which it can harm, and what you should do next? So let start!

What Is This Green Stuff?

The green stuff on your siding is an airborne alga, which can harm the surface of your home for a longer-term. It is not easy to find out the origin of this unwanted greenery because it differs from a region to another. The algae grow naturally, and its pollution can lead to more of it.  Being airborne, it can stick on surfaces and siding to feed on.

Which Section Of Your Home Usually Has This Green Stuff?

In the majority of the cases, you can find algae on the northern side of the home. It is because this section of your home gets less sunlight as compared to the other sides. Mold and algae can form in areas that are darker and carries moisture. In case you want to ignore it, you should know that it can widen its coverage due to additional dirt on which algae can feed it.

What Will If You Leave It Untreated?

Algae will not harm the entire structure of the siding of your home. However, it will surely leave stains behind on your surface, which you can’t get rid of with normal washing. These stains will eventually become a section of your siding instead of being a stain. For this reason, you should be quick to contact professionals for residential power washing services to maintain your home.

Final Consideration

Letting algae stay on the siding of your home can lead to an Embedment of its stains for longer. One of the ways to protect the siding from algae growth is to get it cleaned by professionals.  You might be wondering why to approach a professional when you have a detergent and sponge with you. Well, algae will find its way back over some time after the initial wash.  However, approaching professionals for residential power washing services will be a great move and something that you can call an investment for your home.